Workers Compensation Is Becoming a Very Bad Deal For Workers/A Worse Deal For Taxpayers

When you think of an “injured worker,” remember that is you on a bad day; or your husband; or, your sister or, your son or daughter or neighbor.

Legislatures around the country are squeezing injured workers in order to add to the bottom line of employers and their insurance carriers.  Listen to a few minutes of an NPR investigative report exposing the unfairness that has descended upon the worker’s compensation systems across the country.

These “reforms,” that purport to “rein in the high cost of worker’s compensation insurance” only shift an even greater burden onto the injured worker and his/her family.  This additional financial distress is dumped on the worker at the worst possible time–when he/she is already down, and struggling to figure out how to make ends meet until the injuries heal.

And one more thing:  When the injured worker is unable to work, and the employer, through worker’s compensation, doesn’t provide enough for the worker to keep the lights on and the kids fed, do you know who else pays?  You and me and every taxpayer in this country, when we finance the food stamps and other public assistance our brother/sister will require to get by because his employer compensates him so little.

The American worker performs valuable service for the employer and makes the business profitable.  When the worker is injured or disabled by the work, it is only fair that the employer or its insurance carrier provide meaningful assistance to allow the worker to recover and thrive.  It is wrong to leave the injured worker to fend for himself.  And it is wrong to put the burden on the taxpayer to pay this cost of doing business.

If you have a relationship with your legislator, tell them you expect them to look out for working people.  That’s what I think.  What do you think?